Private Events

Bring the Puppies to the Party!


How long is a private event?

45 minutes lesson with 45 minutes playtime  

How much does it cost? 
$500 flat for any group under 15

$32 for any additional yogi up to 9

$800 at 25 yogis

$30 for any additional yogi 

Where are the private events?

Wherever! While we do appreciate a well contained area we have 80 feet of fencing to create a corral in many circumstances!

How do we pay?


We take half down as a deposit when the reservation is confirmed. The rest can be paid on the day of the event!
You can pay online through a private link on our website.

You can PayPal us with your name and reservation details!

Or Venmo Us @rescuepuppyyoga


Just $100 will be due at the time the reservation is set.

We will provide a private link for members of your party to purchase tickets at their own rate with a ticket price calculated by dividing $400 by your party size. For example, if you have a group of 15, the ticket price would be $27/person.

If the amount doesn’t reach $500 total including deposit you can pay the difference on the day of the event!

Contact Us at with any questions!